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Kinetoplastid Molecular Cell Biology Meeting


Meeting Date: Sunday, April 21 - Thursday, April 25, 2013

Registration and Abstract Deadline: Sunday, February 17, 2013

KMCBM 2013 Abstract Book

The biennial KMCB Meeting provides a forum for discussion of the Molecular Cell Biology of Trypanosomes, Leishmania, and related model organisms, without restrictions on attendance. Researchers whose primary focus is on pathogenesis and drug development are also welcome. Presentations (talks and posters) of research-in-progress by young investigators are strongly encouraged, but the program will also feature overview talks by senior investigators, to respond to the often-heard complaint of students and postdocs that they rarely hear senior investigators discuss their work within a broader framework, which generally happens in the context of smaller invitation-only meetings. Overview speakers will be invited from among those who register to attend the meeting, with regard to the need for representative coverage of topics at current, recent, and future meetings. There will be no concurrent sessions. Any suggestions for coverage of specific topics in a workshop or panel format will be welcomed.

The meeting will commence with registration on the afternoon of Sunday April 21, with dinner followed by a scientific session and social mixer, and will conclude by noon on Thursday, April 25. Please plan to stay until the end. Because the 2013 meeting runs for 4 days, there will be a free afternoon on Tuesday April 23.

Organizer: Christian Tschudi -
Program Committee:  Barbara Burleigh, Steve Beverley, David Horn, Torsten Ochsenreiter and Marc Ouellette


Deadline: Midnight EST. on Sunday, February 17, 2013
Assignment for a talk or poster will be confirmed: Friday March 15,2013


All registration, payment and abstract submissions must be conducted on-line. The registration process has been designed to help the meeting organizers keep track of registrations, abstracts and payments, to facilitate production of the printed abstract book, and to allow users continued access to their registration information and abstract submissions up until the registration deadline.
EXACTLY. The organizers cannot guarantee that your errors will be corrected.

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After registering you may submit your Abstract. You will receive an email confirmations for  your abstract submissions. If you do not, then return to the abstract and redo the submission.  Be patient, especially is you use a MAC to enter your abstract.  The uploading is slow.
Each person attending the conference must register separately. Because this is NOT a secure site and your password is not encrypted, DO NOT USE a password that you use for other purposes. DO NOT give your password to anyone else and do not use anyone else's password, as this could result in the accidental alteration or deletion of your abstract and registration information! To avoid this happening inadvertently, if you share a computer, you should clear the browser cache between registrations.


The Conference Fee for 2013, we are happy to announce, is held at $700.00 inclusive of meals and lodging (twin bed, shared rooms) and $520.00 including meals but excluding lodging, for those who wish to reside off campus.
If you do not have a credit card, you must coordinate registration with a colleague whom you can reimburse by cash or check (e.g., the head of your lab). In exceptional circumstances where credit card registration is impossible, please contact at MBL.


After your payment has been received, there will be a $50 fee for cancellations received before February 16 and $100 for cancellations received between February 16 and March 31. There will be no refund for cancellations after March 31. If you have registered for the meeting and find that you will not be able to attend, please notify by email as early as possible.


All abstracts will be presented either orally or in poster format. Please indicate your preference. Speakers will be selected on the basis of their abstracts and at the discretion of the program committee. It is expected that the individual submitting an abstract will personally present the poster or talk. We can consider only one abstract per registration.

Individuals scheduled to speak on the first day will be informed in advance, but no detailed scheduling information will be released prior to the meeting. We will try to provide a list of abstracts and authors at this web site approximately one week prior to the start of meeting. By submitting an abstract, you are agreeing to the publication of the abstract and author list on the KMCBM web site.
If you require accommodations for either Saturday April 20 or Thursday April 25 night , these must be reserved in advance by contacting MBL Conferences at MBL (508) 289-7214.  Availability of these rooms is VERY LIMITED and an additional fee of $48/day must be paid in advance. This fee does not include meals.

Questions about the Marine Biological Laboratory should be directed to MBL Conferences (+1-508-289-7214 4tel); +1-508-540-7187 (fax)) 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole MA 02543-1015, USA).
Questions or comments about scientific content and program organization should be directed to Christian Tschudi -


The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts is an ideal setting for a scientific meeting, offering excellent meeting facilities with inexpensive dining and sleeping accommodations. For those not wishing to stay at the MBL, a list of alternative housing options are available, for which you must make your own arrangements.

Public bus service connects the MBL with Logan Airport (Boston), downtown Boston and Green Airport (Providence). For information about buses check the Peter Pan Bus Lines web site.